The Aceto Balsamico "Tradizionale" di Modena is unique in the world. It is the result of a very particular technology: unlike standard vinegars that come from the degradation of wine, balsamic vinegar of Modena is produced directly from the alcoholic and acetic fermentation of grape must.

"Trebbiano" and "Lambrusco" varieties grown for centuries in the terroir of Modena, produce a must which is cooked in open containers on an open flame. It is then put in barrels made of rare wood such as sessile oak, chestnut, pedunculate oak, mulberry or juniper.

During at least 12 years, it slowly acetifies through extremely complex natural fermentation and oxidation processes.

It is thanks to their patience, sensitivity and their great knowledge of vinegar that producers from Modena nurture the "balsamic" to maturity; giving it its unique taste, fruit of a miraculous combination of time and expertise.


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